Education Packages

Taster Sessions

Ideal for giving children a quick experience in African drumming workshops and its benefits.

Half day Workshops

Lasting for about 3hours, our half-day workshops offer children more time to experience and understand the dynamics of African drumming. They are ideal for school or group activities, especially when specific classes or number of puplis are selected to participate.

Whole day workshops

Normally run for the whole day. Kids are separated into groups and given time slots. Each time slot usually not lasting for more than 45 minutes to an hour. This is influenced by the number of children participating.

Week long events

Ideal for school activity weeks, culture weeks or summer programs. Workshops also fit in to other weekly programs as an interesting and engaging activity, and form of entertainment for both pupils and teaching staff.

Drumming Clubs

Drumming clubs are regular workshop sessions that run in schools during term time. They offer interactive activities that encourage effective contribution and promote global awareness. (Sessions include, African culture show, art and craft, African food making, drumming and talks on RACE)

Summer programmes

Summer time offers the added fun of outdoor activities and drumming in the sun. Our Workshops offer creative and fun activities for children to keep them busy during the holidays. Summer workshops could be one-day or event or may run through an entire week, depending on how long you would prefer.

Train the Trainer Sessions

These specially created workshops/training sessions that teach music teachers/teaching the basics of hand drumming and how to run drumming workshops themselves.

Talks and Presentations

Following on with our aim of cultural integration, Afriquetone provides schools with informative and interactive talks on the issue of RACE, and presentations on the African Continent.


Some of the benefits that schools, staff and students enjoy include:

  • Improve communication and team work
  • Improve tolerance and respect.
  • Building self-confidence
  • Learn how to play African drums
  • Enhance listening skills and coordination
  • Enhance cultural awareness.
  • It is simply a lot of fun.

Afriquetone Educational Workshop Booklet

Click the preview below to download our Education Workshop Booklet to Find out more about what we offer: