Managers and Leaders create the conditions for performance


To provide participants with the knowledge of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of performance
To develop an awareness of the leadership required to build high performing teams
To become aware of the barriers that get in the way of performance
To recognise the importance of communication

Perfect for..

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Individuals & Teams who need to co-operate to achieve high levels of performance

Expected Outcomes

  • How managers and leaders create the conditions for performance and how our own behaviour can stop others from performing.
  • How Performance is not just about what we do (action) it is also about how we do it (behaviour)
  • How leadership interaction needs to change at different stages of a team developing
  • How Performance and leadership is also seen in the way in which we communicate
  • A demonstration of the chaos from in-effective communication.
  • Concentration, attention, patience and results
  • How sub groups/departments with different functions and processes work together in harmony.

What do you need?


This package is run in collaboration with ‘On purpose’- A leading leadership training company in Aberdeen.

You can also download our Corporate Workshop booklet by clicking the image below.