Transform your conference or team

Take your people on a collaborative and interactive rhythmic experience that demonstrates collective responsibility. As an effective team building activity for your business, conference or corporate event, the team Builder will get your people working together in perfect harmony in a short time. It is also a fun way to demonstrate the aspects of team work and also guarantee 100% participation.

Perfect for..

  • Team Building events
  • As an ideal activity for Communication training
  • Engaging activity for staff
  • Emphasizing Competence as a group
  • Aligning a group to a common goal
  • Staff away day fun activity

Expected Outcomes

  • An increase in team spirit/ morale
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • A demonstration of collective responsibility
  • A demonstration of what a group of people can achieve when they work together
  • Seeing or experiencing things from a different perspective
  • 100% participation and interaction
  • Communication – listening and dialogue

How does the Team Builder work?


Your team/colleagues enters the conference room to be met by a drumming performance from the Afriquetone team. Each delegates is given a drum or percussion instrument which is placed on in front of them as they take their seats.

Over the next 30minutes to 1hour (or to best suit your event), we combine individual contributions and mould them into one piece of music leading everyone on an memorable musical journey, where laughter and teamwork is achieved in a high energy interactive performance. All without saying one single word!


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